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Refer a Friend | Hosted by discounts | Affiliates

Refer a Friend

Refer a friend and get a month free

For every friend you refer to us we'll give you a month's free hosting as a thank you. There's no limit, meaning with enough referrals you can enjoy completely free hosting and even get new domain names absolutely free!

Simply ask the person you referred to send a ticket to referrals with your full name once they sign up and we'll credit your account. And to make to worth their while, we'll give them a month's free hosting too!

Hosted by Hi Hosting discounts

A great recurring discount

If you'd like to receive a recurring discount simply put one of the following Hosted by Hi Hosting links on a visible part of your website (such as the footer) and we'll discount your web hosting for the life of your account!

Image Link - 25% Off For Life

Hosted by Hi Hosting - UK Web Hosting

Banner Size: 225 x 54

Source code - copy and paste into your website

Text Link - 10% Off For Life

Hosted by Hi Hosting

Source code - copy and paste into your website

Once you've put the link on your website simply send a ticket to referrals with a link so we can see and we'll credit your account and apply the saving.

If you'd like to use a different image link, let us know and we may be able to provide another so can still enjoy the discount.

Affiliate Program

Earn credit for every order

As well as offering recurring discounts for linking to us, we also run an affiliate program. You can sign up through Affiliates in your Client Area, and we'll automatically credit you with £2 and provide you with your unique affiliate link.

For every person that orders using your link we'll credit you with 25% of the value of the order.

That means you can quickly earn more credit than the price of your hosting, and make a profit on top of receiving your hosting for free!