WordPress 4.2 is now available!

WordPress 4.2

Version 4.2 of WordPress is now available.

If you’re using our excellent One-Click installer, you can update through that by logging in to your cPanel control panel and scrolling to the bottom where you’ll find the “Softaculous Apps Installer” section. Simply click the update available link or the WordPress link and you can update WordPress with one click. Alternatively simply update WordPress through the Dashboard.

Before you run the upgrade we recommend you check that your plugins are compatible.

So what can you expect from the latest update? Along with the usual bug fixes and security updates the latest release makes it easier to share content as well as manage your plugins and themes.

New and improved Press This

From the Tools menu you can add Press This to your browser bookmark bar and now your mobile home screen. Once installed, sharing third party content is made easier than ever before.

Whenever you go to share a web page with Press This, WordPress will automatically grab the page’s title, image and snippet as well as a link to the original content. You can edit all these details and post directly to your website, making sharing content incredibly easy.

Emojis and extended character support

WordPress now natively supports a host of new characters, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters, as well as mathematical and musical symbols.

On the fun side of things WordPress now has full emoji icon support. You can use emojis such as ❤, 😃, 🌟 and  ☕ throughout your content!

Easier plugin and theme management

From the Customizer section you can now quickly compare and preview themes, by switching to different themes with the click of a button.

Updating your plugins is now even easier, and can be done directly from the main management page.

So what do you think about WordPress 4.2 and WordPress in general? We’d love to read what you think.

As ever, installing WordPress with us couldn’t be easier. Simply select it when your order any of our hosting packages and it’ll be installed for you automatically, or use our excellent one click installer. WordPress is an incredibly popular choice for creating a blog or website, and we’re always happy to help!

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